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Welcome to, the ultimative “VPN Test n`Review Site”. I`ve tested thoroughly over 170 VPN provider, and also written some guidance on the best VPNs across several categories. See for yourself what an overview. If you want to know more about the VPN provider, then you read the reviews by or Find out also about the latest news. I’m just posting this all opinions on this page (in the coming days), so come back soon and Find out more.

Why ist this “Test n`Review Site” different from Others?

  • This website is a private initiative from Privacy Enthusiasts, we are not a Pro-Marketing Company!
  • The Affiliate links are at no cost to you, we do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links. We are totally transparent and open about that fact and will answer to any questions about that topic.
  • We spend every Cent at operating this website and to provide you the best support. Our quarterly Income and Spendings are transparent as well.
  • We are testing the VPN-Services just anonymously. VPN-Providers are not able to influence the results. Never!
  • VPN-Providers can not advertise here!
  • You can comment and rate all VPN-Services by yourself. Our Visitors opinions are in fact 50% of the showed results. Every rating is changing the public results immediatly!

The VPN Comparsion

Compare the most recommended VPN-Services simply rated by our Visitors:

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A short guide to VPNs

If you have never heard of VPNs, that’s no problem. We are here to make you so known, and also to explain how they work. Wikipedia articles do of course doing a good job, but I have tried and even simpler to find less technical words for it.

A VPN server, you can connect directly to the VPN site and hidden by not only your identity but you can also appear on the Internet, as if you were at this location.

Silk about 10 years and even until today, are VPNs original server in companies, employees can connect to it directly and thus also from home or traveling for work and thus directly access the internal networks of companies. Today VPNs are often a way to hide one’s identity ONLINE- The last few months, by the revelations of Edward Snowden here were also very important. Before VPN`s were generally mostly interesting for people who lived in countries which severe restrictions and officially also monitoring conducted as z.Bsp: China or Turkey. By encrypted connections with VPN one could thereby establish connections and therefore unhindered access to content outside the country directly through the firewalls of states. Today we know that even US citizens, the UK, France and Germany eventually monitors the citizens and record user activity. Therefore, it use today people from around the world to protect privacy and to escape the surveillance.

While a VPN costs money, on average, there are so USD 5-10 per month, there are also totally overpriced vendors offering their services. But there are also real “bargain” and who will pay a lot just do not always get more sure geboten.Es is in any case important to check whether the service includes the services that you expect them to and whether providers have also taken precautions privacy or even to guarantee anonymity. Saves the operator log file (a record of the activities) or not? Benuteraktivitäten his might when you are online, what you are doing on the Internet or with whom you communicate. therefore I proceeded with special care just at this point, and my test reports.

My experiences with VPN providers

My experience and the tests should help you choose the right VPN service that covers your needs. I have now checked more than 100 vendors, and have therefore a pretty good idea of what are the differences between the various providers.

In the coming days I will publish on this page a lot more product tests and opinions. But all the reports can also be assessed by yourself. You can Simply untern the test pages your experiences notified directly by comment and rate even after the predetermined criteria the product concerned itself. You help with this is that other get a good overview.

If you have any further questions, I am also happy for themselves available to comment simply, I’m reading this on a regular basis and also always answer immediately!

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